AL Trade Stats+, an online market research tool, offers Alabama companies a competitive advantage by providing the freshest and most comprehensive trade information available.

Registered clients can access a wealth of trade statistics and other trade data.  For more in-depth reports, lists of foreign buyers, and customized market reports, the AITC research staff can access the full database on your behalf, providing your company with the trade intelligence needed to compete in today’s market.

The easy-to-search database contains Dun & Bradstreet information on 200 countries, companies around the world, and every category of manufactured product. In less than a minute and with just a few mouse clicks, you can conduct the following research:

  • Basic US Import and Export stats
  • Locate potential suppliers, shippers, buyers, and trade agents;
  • Compile a list of competitors within key markets;
  • Determine which countries are importing specific products such as pumps and valves, harvest machines, medical supplies, industrial machine parts, and more;
  • Review a market’s history, current trade balance, and potential;
  • Convert NAICS codes into Harmonized Codes required for all shipping and other export-related documents.
  • Find detailed company information, including:
    o addresses for corporate headquarters and other key locations;
    o phone numbers and e-mail addresses for executives/decision-makers;
    o credit rating;
    o length of time in business;
    o financial performance;
    o number of employees;
    o products and services.
  • Requires Internet Explorer

The Alabama International Trade Center provides this service free of charge to existing and potential exporters.  For custom research or for in-depth database access, please contact Michael Brooks, 800-747-2482 or 205-348-7621.   

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