A variety of webinars on international trade topics have been archived below for your convenience. You must be a client of the Alabama International Trade Center / Alabama SBDC / Alabama PTAC to access these recordings; registration is available at the links below. Data presented in these webinars was current at the time of recording; viewers are encouraged to engage an AITC International Trade Specialist to determine if any updates are available.

Classification Webinar: Schedule B and HTS
^ Recorded August 2021
Classification codes for import and export shipments: Schedule B, HTS
Shipping Hazardous Materials - Emergency response compliance
^ Recorded July 2021
Shipping Hazardous Materials Internationally – Emergency Response Compliance
Basics of Export Compliance Webinar
^ Recorded May 2021
Basics of Export Compliance
BioTech Webinar
^ Recorded January 20, 2021
BioTech Webinar: When to Pursue International Markets
CE Marking webinar
^ Recorded December 10, 2020
CE Marking for Exports to Europe
^ Recorded October 14, 2020
Supply Chains & Risk Mitigation for Importers
^ Recorded September 9, 2020
Recorded June 23, 2020
Recorded June 5, 2020
INCOTerms 2020