The Trade Center currently offers training for individuals interested in the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) program through its International Trade Leadership Series.  In addition, AITC staff can also suggest or provide study materials and direct you to online and in-person training options.  Click here for a list of exam dates and locations.

What is the CGBP?
The NASBITE CGBP provides a benchmark for competency in global commerce. The CGBP designation demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct global business including Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Trade Finance. For candidates experienced in international trade, the certification confirms that knowledge. For candidates just beginning, it establishes a professional development goal to ensure a full understanding of the profession. For companies, it assures that employees are able to practice global business at the professional level required in today’s competitive environment.

Who is taking the CGBP exam?

Hundreds of people across the U.S., and several from Canada and Mexico, have already completed the certification process. Their backgrounds and professions are diverse: engineering, business, agriculture, international studies, and education.

Why is certification important?

Certification allows professionals in international trade to demonstrate that they have achieved a fundamental understanding of international trade and business. Major employers throughout the U.S. have started using the CGBP as a way to judge a potential employee’s international business competency. The U.S. Departments of Commerce and Agriculture have shown a keen interest in the certification.

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