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This seminar series covers the steps in the NAFTA/FTA process with a strong emphasis on compliance, and topics such as:

• How to determine if claiming NAFTA status is right for your product

• How to classify your product to claim the advantages of NAFTA and other FTAs

• The specific NAFTA requirements when shipping to Mexico and Canada

• The benefits, details and requirements of the other eleven FTAs and three pending FTAs

• How to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin

NAFTA / FTA CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION FORM COMING SOON.  Call 800-747-2482 for more information.

DAY 1: November 10, 2010  8:00am – 12:00pm
Session #1

Introduction to Free Trade Agreements

  • Become familiar with the purpose of FTAs and their advantages and requirements
  • Identify important aspects  of  the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) and Rules of Origin

Session #2A
FTA’s: Asia Pacific and Middle East

Session #2B
FTA’s: Central and South America

Session #3
Leveraging FTA’s to Your Adventage – Compare and Contrast

DAY 2: November 11, 2010  12:00 – 3:30pm

Session #4:
NAFTA 101 and Rules of Origin

Session #5:
NAFTA Requirements: Mexico

Session #6:
NAFTA Requirements: Canada

Session #7:
How to Complete a NAFTA Certificate or Origin