Is your company interested in importing, or improving your supply chain?  The Alabama International Trade Center provides advising and research that can help you with sourcing products, identifying and qualifying manufacturers, payments, financing, shipping, delivery, basic legal and regulatory issues, and clearing borders.

Are you ready to import?

  • Do you know the import procedures for buying and bringing products from other countries?
  • Have you already defined the HTS code for the product(s) you wants to import?
  • Can you dedicate resources (time, money, personnel, etc.) to the import process?
  • Do you know the costs involved in importing the product (freight, duties, processing fees, etc.).
  • Have you calculated the landed price of the imported product?
  • Are you aware of the financial advantages of importing products from NAFTA and other FTA territories?
  • Is your staff able to deal with foreign sellers and potentially traveling to their facilities?
  • Have you defined the intended domestic buyers for the product?
  • Have you defined the type of supplier you need?
  • Have you prepared a marketing plan with strategies and goals to sell the imported products domestically?

Online Guides & Resources

Where do I start?

  • Where can I source from?
  • What about tariffs?  Trade agreements?
  • What is my landed cost?

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