The NASBITE International Trade Passport website offers on-demand training, local resources, and rapid expert assistance to USA-based small-medium-sized businesses that are focused on international trade as a pathway to business growth. New users can sign up for a free account that provides access to 20 on-demand webinars, live webinars, expert assistance and more. The training videos are selected to supplement the one-on-one assistance provided by AITC’s talented International Trade Specialists.

NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP) are required to submit 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to satisfy their annual credential re-certification. Many of the webinars available via the Trade Passport website offer CEU credit. Details of the training can be submitted to NASBITE International via the NASBITE website.

Check out the latest training topics delivered by industry leading experts:

2 Differentiate through After-sales Service
3 Sales: Process and Techniques for Success
4 Incoterms (R) 2020 – In Practice
5 Preferential Rules of Origin
6 Non – Preferential Rules of Origin
7 Open Account – Understanding its use as a payment method
8 Using a CRM System to Support International Sales
9 The Global Marketing Mix
10 Key Elements of an Export Compliance Program
11 Website Globalization
12 Dealing with Counterfeiting & Brand Protection
13 SBA Export Financing Under the CARES Act
14 Introduction to International Traffic in Arms Regulations
15 Letters of Credit
16 Marginal Cost Pricing Strategies
17 Import Operations and Compliance
18 Risks with International Travel and Expatriate Activities
19 Finding and Qualifying Agents and Distributors
20 Documentary Collections as a Payment Method
21 Database Tools for Global Market Research
22 Market Research
23 Trade Missions and Trade Shows
24 Export Resources for Minority and Women Owned Businesses
25 Imports – Basics that Exporters should Know
26 Exporting in the Digital Age
27 Selecting the Best Logistics Partners in Global Trade
28 Proper Filing of an EEI through ACE-AES
29 Programs and Resources for Small Business Exporters
30 Foreign Exchange Rate Risk and Mitigation
31 Understanding Regional Trade Agreements
32 Understanding Incoterms (R) 2020 Rules
33 Currency Restrictions
34 Export Readiness for New Exporters
35 Security Issues and Export Shipping
36 Packing, Packaging and Marking for Export
37 Working with 3PLs and 4PLs
38 Basics of US Export Controls
39 Cross-Cultural Business Practices 
40 Tariff Classification Under the Harmonized System
41 Shipping Insurance
42 Competitive Analysis in International Trade
43 Ethical Issues in International Business
44 Dealing with Bribery and Corruption
45 Industry and Trade Associations
46 Product Adaptation
47 Developing an Export Plan
48 Assessing and Mitigating Credit Risk
49 International Contracts
50 Economic and Political Risk
51 State and Federal Resources
52 Trade Documentation Requirements
53 Working with a Freight Forwarder
54 Export Pricing (Calculating Landed Cost)
55 Contractual Dispute Resolution
56 Modes of Transportation
57 Choosing the Best Market Entry Approach
58 International Marketing (Budgeting)
59 Export Quote/The Proforma Invoice