The Alabama International Trade Center presented a series of seminars throughout Alabama in 2010 that taught small businesses how to leverage their online presence to acquire international customers through internationalization, localization, and basic search engine optimization.

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We’ve included the updated powerpoint presentations, as well as materials that  provide additional answers to participant questions.


  • Website Globalization (Presentation #1)  (Please call or email for assistance.)
  • Getting Found on the Web (Presentation #2)  (Please call or email for assistance.)

In case you missed it, participants learned:

• Simple, inexpensive modifications that will improve your website’s ability to attract and retain customers

• How to refine websites to specifically target international customers through website internationalization, regionalization and localization

• Best practices and techniques related to website translation

• Proactive promotion of websites overseas

• Leveraging internet tools to target foreign markets and track inquiries

• International eCommerce options, risks and foreign payment mechanisms

• Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips